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Nowthen Citizen Spotlights

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Nowthen Honors Deputy Chris Fjeld

Nowthen would like to thank and recognize Deputy Chris Fjeld for his heroic response to a water rescue on December 3, 2023, during which he risked his own safety to affect a rescue of Two Fisherman and a dog, who had fallen thought the ice and were suffering from hypothermia. We are proud to have him working for our Community. 

Click HERE to read how Nowthen Deputy Chris Fjeld helped with the rescue. 

City Administrator Scott Lehner and Mayor Jeff Pilon presenting a Certificate of Recognition to Deputy Chris Fjeld at the 2/13 Council Meeting

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office wishes to remind the community that the ice on some Minnesota lakes and ponds is not thick enough to walk on. By walking onto the ice when it is still too thin, you are putting yourself at significant risk of falling through and experiencing hypothermia or death.

Ice Rescu

Nowthen Resident breaks two World Records!

Nowthen resident and teacher Travis Gienger's 2,749 pound pumpkin sets a new world record as the heaviest pumpkin ever grown! 

To read more, click here.

The pumpkin was transformed into the world's largest Jack O'Lantern. Food Network champion Eric Jones carved a stunning creation honoring the military and veterans.

Read more HERE

Pumpkin carving.png
Fire Fighter

Fire Fighter Steve Lundeen retires

Officially at 1159 hrs on  Monday, November 20th, 2023 Fire Fighter Steve Lundeen is retired.  We had to update this announcement from his Sunday retirement because the guy only lasted about 12 hours in retirement before attending another call (which emphasizes the quote below).  Steve started his fire career in March of 2010 with Ramsey Fire.  Steve was a charter member of the Nowthen Fire Department and an integral part of the creation of NFD.  Whether he knows it or not his experience and knowledge assisted with fixing pager problems county wide when the new ones came out.  He was an asset and leader on any scene and his ability to attend calls whether day/night/weekend will be missed.  One of our most respected firefighters wanted to add that, "The one thing that really sticks out other than he was funny about Beaver is he truly tried to make every call. He never dogged the numbers he just went to everything he could."  Let it be known that Firefighter Steve Lundeen served his communities, his fire departments, and his fellow firefighters proud.  Although you will be missed, it is with celebration that we officially retire badge #6 from the Nowthen Fire Department.  Badge #6 is clear and out of service.  It will never be issued to anyone else.  We thank you for your dedication to the City of Nowthen.

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