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Building Department

Our goal in the City of Nowthen, together with MNSPECT and the Building Department, is to provide the public with a smooth and timely process when utilizing the permitting and inspection procedures.  Nowthen has contracted our building inspections to MNSPECT for the purpose of achieving this goal for our residents and contractors.

All Permit Applications and supporting documents should be in pdf format and emailed to Emails are checked Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Deliver hard copies to the Nowthen City Office at 8188 199th Ave NW, Nowthen, MN, 55330.

The City of Nowthen accepts cash, check or credit card payments.

A surcharge applies with credit card payments.
Please call 
(763)  441-1347, Ext 300 for phone payment.


Visit MNSPECT for informative handouts and links.

For all inspections, please call: (952)  442-7520 

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Building Permit Fee Calculator

Use the link below to estimate your Building Permit fee.

New Home Construction

Accessory Structures & Setbacks

Electrical Permits & Inspections

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