City of Nowthen 2019 Comprehensive Plan

" The primary function of municipal government is the provision of an orderly, safe and enhanced living and working environment.  While this encompasses social, physical and economic opportunities and issues, the City of Nowthen primarily influences the quality of life for its residents through the physical environment.  Nowthen has been progressive in planning for the development that has occurred over time. A comprehensive plan was first adopted in  1980 when the community was a rural township, followed by preparation of comprehensive plan in 1993, 1999, and most recently 2009. Reference to these past planning  efforts is critical to understanding the direction and evolution of many of Nowthen's established goals and policies." ( 2019 Nowthen Comprehensive Plan Pg. 1) 

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1. Introduction and Community perspective
2. Goals and Policies
 Natural Environment
4. Land Use
5. Transportation