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19800 Nowthen Blvd. NW Nowthen, MN 55303

Operating Hours 
Tue. - Fri. 11 AM - 5 PM
Saturdays 9 AM - 12 PM

Nowthen Recycling Center


The Recycling Center ONLY accepts CLEAN recyclables (glass & plastic containers, steel, tin, & aluminum cans, etc.).

Make sure all leftover food and other residues are washed out before recycling them. Containers with food residue are considered contaminated and are thrown into the garbage.


We also ONLY accept DRY FLATTENED cardboard. 

The Recycling Center is under 24-HOUR SURVEILLANCE. Any items left outside the door during open or closed hours are considered to be illegally dumped. Residents who choose to dump WILL receive a citation and be fined.

CARDBOARD BOX NOTICE: Cardboard boxes MUST be cut into at least a 28" width by 58" length before dropping them off at the Recycling Center.

Items that require a fee to be recycled should be paid for in the city office

Monday to Friday 10 AM - 5 PM. See below for a list of our free recycling.


You will receive a receipt and a red PAID sticker notating items. The white receipt copy will be given to you to show the recycling attendant; the yellow receipt copy will be kept by city office staff. 

Credit card payments can be taken over the phone and in person. 

( 3% service charge applies to all credit card transactions)

Recycling drop-off procedures for PAID recycling:

Items accepted free of charge:

Paper Recycling

  • Cardboard  (only dry cardboard accepted)

  • Catalogs & Magazines

  • Newspapers & Inserts

  • Office paper

  • Paper bags

  • Phone books

  • School paper

  • Shredded paper  (in closed paper bags)


  • Scrap metal

  • Holiday lights

  • Plastic grocery bags

  • Household batteries

  • Extension cords

  • Bicycles (gently used)

Rigid Containers

 All items MUST be rinsed and free of debris

  • Glass (brown, clear, and green food containers) 

  • Aluminum cans (food and pop cans) 

  • Steel and tin food cans 

  • Plastic bottles and containers 

  • ONLY those marked #1, #2, or #5

  • Please separate ALUMINUM cans from STEEL & TIN cans

Automotive Misc.

  • Oil & Oil filters (cannot be mixed with anything else)

  • Antifreeze

We now recycle used eyeglasses! Stop by the Nowthen City Office to drop off your glasses for free! 

For recycling questions, contact the City Office at 763-441-1347.

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