Nowthen Recycling Center
Operating Hours
Tuesday- Saturday 11am-5pm

Attention: The Recycling Center will be closed Saturday May 28, 2022 for Memorial Day weekend.  Items dropped outside the facility will be considered dumping and will result in a fine. 

The Spring 2022 Recycling Day was a great success! We were so blessed to experience excellent weather for the event. This year we focused our advertising on the Nowthen Newsletter, Facebook page and website. We received 45 Nowthen Newsletter coupons and about 10 or so more who were able to show ID. We are confident this year that the Nowthen Recycling Day was a great service to the Nowthen community. Traffic was steady but not overwhelming. 
Together, Mayor Pilon, Council Member Rainville, Council Member Greenberg, Joe and Eric from public works, Kelly Joslin the recycling attendant and myself, were able to serve the community well and made the workload light. Many residents were so pleased to be so well attended to. 
The Nowthen Recycling Center received of its residents, 53 free appliances, 237 free tires, 55 paid tires, 26 electronics, 13 mattresses and 37 bulbs, bringing in a total of 421 items, and $1449.25 of Recycling Revenue. This is all possible because of the partnerships we have with vendors and Anoka County. A1 appliance, and Metropolitan Mosquito Control collected appliances and tires for free, and Freimuth and All State Tire have also responded quickly to help us clear out from the event to make room. Looking forward to the Fall recycling event. 

Recycling Success



Recycling drop off procedures for PAID recycling:

Items that have a fee to be recycled are paid for in the city office Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM, see below for a list of our free recycling. You will receive a duplicate receipt, and a red PAID sticker notating items. The white copy is a personal copy and the yellow copy is to be handed to recycling center attendant.

If you are recycling an item that has a fee on a Saturday, we ask that you pay in advance during the week via cash, check, or card.  Card payments can be taken over the phone and in person. 


The Recycle Center is under 24 hour surveillance. 

Items left outside, before or after business hours will result in a

Citation. Thank you for your respect and understanding.


Paper Recycling  

Cardboard; Catalogs and Magazines; Newspaper and inserts;

Office paper; Paper bags; Phone books; School paper; Shredded paper (in closed paper bags)


Rigid Containers

Glass (brown, clear and green food containers);  

Aluminum Cans (food and pop cans) - PLEASE SEPARATE from STEEL/TIN cans; 

Steel/tin food cans - PLEASE SEPARATE from ALUMINUM cans; 
Plastic bottles and containers - ONLY those marked #1, #2 or #5


Automotive Misc.

Oil & Oil Filters; Antifreeze; Batteries (no household batteries)


Scrap Metal

For Recycling questions, contact the City Office at 763-441-1347

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