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Established in April 2021, our Fire Department consists of area residents who are trained firefighters and emergency responders. They carry pagers connected to the Anoka County 911 Center and respond to the Nowthen Fire Station when there is an emergency in our community. They also assist surrounding communities during large incidents.


We are currently hiring firefighters!

Paid on-call first responder

Will receive training in Fire Fighter 1&2

Emergency Medical Training (EMT)

And ongoing training on a variety of topics


If you are interested in learning more about the Fire Department, contact Chief Dave Schmidt at or  (763) 267-6190. 



The City of Nowthen is grateful to our dedicated team of fire fighters for their commitment to our community. 

Fun times for our Nowthen firefighters as they pose with St. John's Lutheran School and Engine 50 after a visit to the school!

Photos from St. John's Lutheran Kindergarten and Preschool student field trips October 23 and 24, 2023. 

Click on the photo below to scroll through the gallery!

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Burning Permits Information

Please read and comply with Open Burning Times and Regulations before submitting an application.   Burning Permits applications are available online HERE or at the City Office during office hours.
Please save & rename the blank pdf document to your device before completing and attaching it to your email to


Approved permits will be emailed back to applicants, and the Fire Department will be notified. 

Please check the MN DNR MAP to determine if burning restrictions are in effect. If the MN DNR enacts burning restrictions or bans during the permitted time, all previously issued burning permits are NULL and VOID. 


Burning permits are not required for recreational fires.  A recreational fire is a fire in an area of no more than a 3-foot diameter measured from the inside of a fire ring or non-combustible border and is used for recreational, cooking, or ceremonial purposes. 

Recreational fires must consist of clean dry wood, producing little detectable smoke, odor or soot beyond the property lines.  

Disposal of larger quantities of brush, trees, etc. DOES REQUIRE an open burning permit.   

Obtaining a permit does not necessarily prevent the Fire Department from being dispatched to your property. If a fire call is received, the Fire Department will automatically be dispatched to investigate the call.

Contact the Nowthen City Office with any questions regarding Burning Permits:

(763) 441-1347, or e-mail:

REMEMBER:  All fire call fees, damages, and costs that are a result of an illegal fire will be the property owner's responsibility. Keep your fire under control at all times and tend to the fire until it is completely extinguished. Violations of permit conditions may also result in criminal and/or civil actions. 

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